Our World

TEAM JAPAN: Paul & Violette Bridgman

 "We are developing a church here. Much of our time is involved in teaching English conversation to Japanese. There are about 50 students that we are teaching. We always include an evangelistic Bible lesson at the end of each class or the whole class is completely an English Bible lesson. Our church built a new building in 2010. Attendance has doubled since then. We now have a Japanese pastor who is attending seminary during the week. He and I (Paul)  are co-pastoring the church. Recently two men were baptized. We want to be more effective in discipleship and mobilizing our believers for evangelism and ministry. Thanks for your prayers!"


 Denny & Sue Dyvig: Kenya

 "As you know Sue and I are entering a time of transition. I have been a missionary pilot in Africa for 33 years, but I will be 65 in July 2013 and by national law must stop flying then. We are well into our transition to full time evangelism and discipleship, primarily among Muslims, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Every Sudan we have 20 - 30+ people in our home for a day of Bible study and fellowship and eating together and prayer."


Francisco & Kayra Cuellar: Mexico

 "Receive our greetings from La Loma, Dgo.  Our prayers are with you all. May God continue blessing your lives. We want to start thanking you for your prayers and faithful support since we started serving the Lord in La Loma, with no doubt you have a very important part in our ministry and also a blessing to our family.

 The church in La Loma is growing, new people is adding, we knock doors every week to share the Gospel with the people. We have two routes, one in La Loma and other in a Village named La Goma.  Now are praying for a new route that we are going to start in two weeks, it is a village near to La Loma, it name is Monterreycillo, please joint with is in prayer that God may bless this new project and we can see many people getting save, changing their lives and be adding to the church.

 During the year we have special services at the church so more people may know Jesus and invite Him to their hearts.  On March we co-work with the church in Torreon to have the Youth Camp in La Loma, on June we will be celebrating our 9th Anniversary with many special services focus on church growing and family; on July we have VBS, on September we make our Missions compromise for a year and a special service we call Mexican Night, on December we celebrate Christmas with another special service with food, gifts, candies and piñatas.

About our family, we are doing well; our kids are growing and enjoying serving God in La Loma.  Also my wife and I serve God at the Christian School at the church in Torreon, my wife is a teacher and I pick up the kids do the devotions with the kids every morning. "


 Francisco & Consuelo Soriano: Mexico

 Here, at IBBG, we are very thankful with the Lord because at the end of this month, on the 28th we are celebrating our 19th Anniversary.

The church here has being growing, families are adding to the body of Christ, new people is coming almost every service and getting saved.

We still in the business of people can know Jesus as their personal Savior, because of that, what we do every week is to go to the neighborhoods around the city and knock doors to tell the people about the Gospel and guide them to receive Jesus in their hearts. Also we have special services and activities during the year to share the Gospel, every February we have our Anniversary services, on March the Youth Camp,on May the Family Conference, on July the VBS, on September Mission Conference, on November a week with services every day and preaching the Gospel door by door, and on December our Christmas service.

On August 2011, we started the Christian School; actually we have 20 students from K4 to 8th grade.  This ministry had become a great blessing to our church’s families, the teachers are doing their best to teach the kids and guide them to do the things for the Lord and the kids are doing a good job.

Also on January we began with a new mission on a Village named Mieleras, it is around 45 minutes away from the city, a young couple and some other people  from our church is working there knocking doors, having a Wednesday service and bringing them to our church on Sunday morning.

About construction works, we still working of the construction of the Christian School Building, it is going to be a three story building, now we are working on the first story, it has the bathrooms and 3 classrooms, even though it is not finished, we use it for some our Sunday School classes.

We want to encourage you to keep praying for us as a family, please keep praying for my wife’s health.  Pray for our ministries that the Lord continues to blessing the work we do for Him here in Torreon."